The people in sleeping compartments on the Sunset Limited from New Orleans to Los Angeles see each other mostly in the dining car, which feels pretty fancy as far as American middle class travel goes. White tablecloths with coordinating blue napkins, real flatware, stemless glasses holding decent wine. There are…

How Marc Andreessen’s criticism of governmental responses to Covid misses the mark

Photo by Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash

Last week, in an interview with Noah Smith, venture capitalist Marc Andreessen casually referred to the “chronic collapse of state capacity virtually everywhere in our time,” noting that the good news was that “the private sector can and does deliver even under considerable duress, and even when much of our…

Our ‘Kill It With Fire’ moment

Photo Credit: Edwin Levick via Getty Images

The amount of money that is about to be thrown at modernizing government legacy systems is staggering. The rescue package alone allocates several billion dollars to it, and that’s on top of what’s been spent over the past year trying to make systems at the federal, state, and local levels…

AKA Help me with my book!

Digital was supposed to make things better. Platforms for peer-to-peer communication like Facebook and Twitter were supposed to connect and unite us and help us understand each other, ultimately ushering in an era of world peace, love, and understanding. They have done some wonderful things, but if peace, love, and…

Credit to Jake Solomon and Alan Williams

Policy designed for and in the digital age

Why is policy still educated guesswork with a feedback loop measured in years?

— Tom Loosemore, UK Government Digital Service

At Code for America, we envision a government that works for people, and by people, in a digital age. The framework of…

Jennifer Pahlka

Committed to government that works for people. Advisor to USDR. Member of the Defense Innovation Board. Past: Code for America, USDS. Mom. Keeper of chickens.

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