Ok, everyone. Here we go. Some things to remember.

Organize, be ready. Be the person who makes the list of everyone in your neighborhood; get people talking to each other, even if it’s just about the weather.

Be ready, but don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes. There’s a long road ahead. Hold until you have a real target in sight. Then fight like hell.

Most importantly, remember, the status quo isn’t worth protecting. It’s so easy to be in reaction, on the defensive, fighting for the world we had yesterday. Fight for something better, something we haven’t seen yet, something you have to invent. Find a thousand collaborators. Include people you disagree with. Meet division with imagination. Imagine a country united.

Turn this chaos into something new and better.

Build > bitch. (h/t to Chris Michel.)

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photo by Tim O’Reilly

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